Private Training Package

Private Training Package

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Private Training Package


This is the ideal package for player’s that are truly committed to improving their skills and becoming the player they want to be.  The Private Training Package is our most comprehensive package that offers a customized plan (Evolution Plan), 1 on 1 training, 4 sessions with just 1-4 players and 8 sessions with 5 or more players, potentially a total of 16 hours per month.

Here’s a balanced attack, with built in milestones and goals, structured to drill down on negative habits and turning them into positive habits.  Meanwhile piece by piece enhancing new skills and esstentially stacking these improvements into becoming the player they want to be.

First a player would join our Private Clients by paying a one time fee of $250, which covers an Evaluation Session and the creation of a player’s personalized Evolution Plan.  The Evaluation Session will identify the strengths, weaknesses and any benchmarks that may exist.  We will wrap up with a discussion to establish a player’s desired milestones and goals moving forward. We will take this information to create a customized Evolution Plan which will map out some options for you to choose from with respect to how you wish to proceed moving forward.

We understand the amount of work that’s necessary to becoming a strong player, it’s a lot of work. That’s why all Private Clients are required to also be enrolled simultaneously in our monthly Gold Training Package each month while taking on any Private Sessions (1 on 1 Training).

Since we’re making this a requirement and understand how critical the Gold Training Package is towards our overall goal, we’re offering the Gold Training Package at 25% off each month to all Private Clients!  So $150 a month (instead of $200 per month) for 12 sessions: 4 Personal Sessions (1-4 Players) and 8 Large Group Sessions (5+ Players). Now you can see how this is our most comprehensive package for the serious hooper!


In summary here’s a breakdown of our Private Training Package:

$250 One Time Payment (Evaluation Session & Evolution Plan)


$  75 Per Private Training Session (1-4 Per Month)

$150 Gold Training Package (4 Personal & 8 Large Group Sessions)

$225 – $450 Per Month (13-16 Hours of Training)


Not sure what package to get, come and try out a Drop-In Session for $30.  Just email, text or call us to find a session that works.  If you purchase a monthly package, your payment will be credited towards your purchase!  Evolve With Us!


Coach Brandon Morris

262-930-1012 or

VP of Evolution Basketball & Varsity Boys Head Coach Tremper HS


Coach Jason Coker

262-358-2761 or

President of Evolution Basketball & Varsity Girls Head Coach St Joe’s


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