History of
Evolution Basketball

The Evo Family

Where It All Started

Evolution Basketball was established in March of 2016, we had teams until 2020 with the purpose of creating opportunities beyond high school for our players.  In five seasons we have; 10 players in college, 60+ tournament championships, and notable finishes in some of the country’s top tournaments from Las Vegas to Orlando.  Most importantly, during our time of having teams, we built memories that will last forever. #EvoFam

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality atmosphere that allows youth basketball players to develop their game on the court thru individual skills training and competitive games. This will allow youth players to enhance their individual skill set and strengthen their ability to work within a team environment during high pressure situations. These elements of the game will help to create moments in time that allow them to see the benefits of their hard work and enjoy the rewards from their sacrifices. Inevitably in the end, this will help to produce productive members in our society and help these young athletes excel in life on and off the court.

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