Our training will resume March 2020 – Registration will open up February 1st, 2021!

Evolution basketball’s training platform was launched in June of 2020 and has over 100 kids join our training program.  This platform is the Complete Player Checklist system created by NBA Skills Trainer & World Renowned Micah Lancaster.  Coach Jason Coker achieved his certification by completing Micah’s Trainer University and spending a week at his world headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.  There he trained under under Micah’s system with three current NBA Skills Trainers – Micah Lancaster, Bryce Stanhope & Joshua Dudley.

Now Coach Coker is certified to teach the Complete Player Checklist system which consists of 600+ skills to master.  Currently Micah and his staff use this system when training NBA players such as Kyrie Irving, Victor Olidipo, Brandon Ingram, Karl Anthony Towns and more.  Evolution can now teach and train our players like the pro’s!

Our platform is simple and flexible for all players, a player falls into either All Stars (elementary & middle school) or MVP’s (high school & college).  Below are the training packages we offer, each package offers flex scheduling to accommodate your schedule:


$200 | Personal Training Package

12 Hours Of Skill Enhancement Training

(4) One Hour Personal Sessions Monthly (1-4 Players Max Each Session; 1 Per Week)

(8) One Hour Large Group Sessions Monthly (5-9 Players Max Each Session; No Weekly Requirement)

Access to our Complete Player Checklist Mobile App

Drills Will Be Assigned Between Personal Training Sessions In This App

Each Assigned Drill Is Accompanied By A Video To Help Your Child Work On Their Own

This App Has Messaging So Players Can Reach Out At Any Time For Help


$120 | Large Group Training Package

(8) One Hour Large Group Sessions Monthly

Large Group Session are 5-9 Players Max Each Session

You Can Attend As Many As You Wish Each Week As Long As You Don’t Exceed 8 Total Sessions For The Month


$30 | Drop In’s

Drop In For One Large Group Session (5-9 Players)

If You Decide To Join You Will Receive A Credit of $30 Towards Your Monthly Package


Parents & Players,

To say that I am humbled to be able to bring this level of Skills Enhancement Training to our area is an understatement. Since May 2020 I’ve put in 125 hours of studying, testing and live training with NBA Skills trainers.  This summer I have over 300 hours of teaching the Complete Player Checklist in person to over 100 kids.  This is a chance for your child to learn under a proven system that the best players in the world use to improve their own skills.  Come Evolve With Us!

Jason Coker

Certified Skills Enhancement Trainer

President Evolution Basketball



Brandon Morris  Vice President Evolution Basketball  262-930-1012

Jason Coker  President Evolution Basketball  262.358.2761 |

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