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Evolution Basketball offers Individual Basketball Training in Illinois

Welcome to Evolution Basketball’s individual basketball training in Illinois, where we’re passionate about elevating your player’s core abilities! We offer a unique and flexible platform that empowers both players and parents, making it easy to fit in training sessions around even the busiest schedules.

Wondering what top services we offer?

  1. Quality places to play
  2. Individual and team skill development
  3. Competitive skills training
  4. A love for the game

At Evolution Basketball, we’re here to help players of all ages and skill levels unlock their basketball potential. Our individual basketball training in Illinois is designed to build a strong foundation and elevate your skills, ensuring that you evolve into a better player. Join us on this journey, and together, we’ll make your basketball aspirations a reality!

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What to expect at Individual Basketball Training in Illinois

Our team of exceptional coaches includes Coach Aaron Jackson, Coach Brandon Morris, and Coach Jason Coker. They are I’m Possible Certified Skills Enhancement Trainers, trained under the world-renowned NBA Skills Trainer Micah Lancaster’s Complete Player Checklist system.

Their expertise comes from attending Micah Lancaster’s Trainer University and spending time at the I’m Possible Training World Headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI, alongside three current NBA Skills Trainers – Micah Lancaster, Bryce Stanhope, and Joshua Dudley.

Here, they witnessed the Complete Player Checklist in action, a comprehensive guide comprising over 600 skills to master! This very checklist is used by NBA stars such as Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Brandon Ingram, and Carl Anthony Townes, among others. With Evolution Basketball‘s individual basketball training in Illinois, your child can train like the pros and evolve their game!

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