Assistant Coach Mike Roehl – 9u Boys

Assistant Coach Mike Roehl – 9u Boys

Playing History:

Played competitive team basketball from elementary to Shoreland high school.

4 year Varsity Golfer at Carthage College


Coaching Experience:

Coached 3 years youth basketball at the Rec Plex.

Team Manager boys basketball at Carthage College for three years. I really learned the game from a different perspective during this time.  I was able to see how practices were run from a coaching stand point as well as see preparation for games.


Coaching Philosophy:

My goal is to enforce fundamental basketball into the young kids, so that when they get older it’s already a habit.  The younger they learn, the more ready they will be as they continue to evolve as basketball players.

Offensively I teach how to move without the basketball.  So often in youth basketball, everyone wants to run to the ball.  I teach them how to screen for teammates so that other players can get open easier, which will create easier shots.  Spacing the floor will be another big point of emphasis with the offense.

Defensively I get our kids to work as a unit.  Everyone on the floor is responsible for gap and lane help side defense.  I believe man to man defensive concepts are the building blocks to all defenses.  Players are not just responsible for their own guy, they need to be in position to help their teammates stop the ball as well.

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