Assistant Coach Brian Sicilia – 17u Boys

Assistant Coach Brian Sicilia – 17u Boys

Playing History:

4 Years CYC, 3rd-6th Grade

2 Years CYO, 6th-8th Grade

1 Year Lance Middle School Freshman

3 Years Tremper High School

Varsity Junior-Senior

8 Years Kenosha AAU Programs, 5th grade-High School

10 Years Recreation Leagues (City League of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Recplex)



Coaching Experience:

2 Years CYO Basketball, 1999-2000

2 Years Boys & Girls Club, 2014-2015

2 Years Tremper Feeder Program, 2016-2017

3 Years Wisconsin Evolution, 2016-2018


Why I Enjoy Coaching:

Basketball has been a big part of my life and has taught me many valuable lessons since I started playing at an early age. The competitiveness, fast pace and comradery triggered my love and passion for the game at a young age. I have always enjoyed every aspect of the game from watching, playing, being a refereeing and coaching.

I was not always the most athletic or skilled player on the court nor was I the smartest kid in the classroom. I learned from hard work, dedication, discipline and commitment that I could be the best student/athlete possible. Even as a player, I enjoyed studying the game to give myself the best advantage I could over my competition. Through focus, attitude, effort and energy, I learned to overcome adversity from being a third string point guard as a freshman to earning a starting position in my sophomore year. During my playing days as a point guard and team captain, I was able to learn many skills in leadership, communication and responsibility. Because basketball plays such an important role in my life, I had always dreamed of becoming a coach someday. As a coach, I enjoy teaching the skills, fundamentals and strategy of the game. The game of basketball has taught me so many valuable lessons that I use every day as a person, father, husband and in my career as a sales manager. It is my hope is that I will pass on the lessons I have learned by coaching student athletes. It gives me great pleasure to see my players evolve and improve each day as a player and a person on and off the court

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