Lake Michigan Legends Boys

Lake Michigan Legends Boys

School, Feeder & Travel Teams

Rec Plex | Pleasant Prairie, WI | 1/21/23 - 1/21/23

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades


4th Annual Lake Michigan Legends – Where Legends Are Born

National Qualifier for the 2023 Evo Winter Nationals


Our 4th Annual Lake Michigan Legends – Where Legends Are Born, is our 6th National Qualifier of our Fall & Winter National Qualifying Series (BOYS – 1/21/23 & GIRLS 1/28/23) at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. This tournament is open to ONLY STRONG TEAMS of any kind – School, Feeder & Travel and provides a high level of competition where the best of the best collide to earn their bid to the 2023 Evo Winter Nationals!

Divisional Champions will earn an automatic bid to the 2023 Evo Winter Nationals hosted at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI on 2/25/2023. All Divisional Champions from our Fall & Winter Series will collide for the National Title in a Single Elimination National Championship Bracket, which would be a 1-3 game set up with an entry fee of just $100.  Divisional MVP’s will will their own MVP Belt and the National Champions will receive rings.

We’ve emerged as the premier mid-west tournament provider since we focus on creating the experience that players, coaches, fans and officials deserve:

  • We have rules in place that protect the integrity of the game
  • The ball moves to half court after T.O.’s & stop clock last 5 minutes of the game
  • We pay well above market so we can offer a higher level of officiating
  • Professional interviews & highlight videos by the Line For Line Podcast
  • We use our social media platforms to promote Game MVP’s, Divisional MVP’s & Champions
  • Provide Divisional MVP trophies & custom Championship medals for players & coaches
  • Our Evo Tourney’s mobile app provides our schedule and up to date progress for all our tournaments
  • We accept multiple payment options when fans enter our events: Cash, CashApp & Venmo
  • We’re organized, offer on-time games, let scorekeepers in free and offer streaming at our event

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