2/24/2021 – We’re excited to announce we’ve officially

merged our teams with the national powerhouse

known as THE Wisconsin Playground Club – PGC

Now we’re able to provide the boys & girls in our

area with an unprecedented opportunity to

join an Under Armour sponsored program

with access to one of the country’s top

grassroots shoe circuits, the UA Futures,

the UA Rise & THE UA Association.

2021 – 2022 TRYOUTS:

On 5/15/2021 we will be announcing our 2021-2022 PGC tryouts that will be hosted at the Boys & Girls Club in August of 2021.  For elementary and middle school players these tryouts will be for the Fall of 2021 season and the Spring & Summer of 2022 seasons.  For high school players this will be for the Spring & Summer of 2022.

Brandon Morris  Vice President Evolution Basketball  262-930-1012

Jason Coker  President Evolution Basketball  262.358.2761

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