Evo Fam

Here you can learn more about our Evo Fam (Evo Family).  You can see our Evo Hall of Famers (College Players), our teams that played their high school years with us and the many memories we have created off the court.  Thank you Evo Fam!

Our Evo Hall of Fame is our Alumni that have made their dreams of playing college basketball a reality.  Congrats, we are so proud of all of you!

The Class of 2017 Boys was our 1st class to pass through Evolution.  This class is highlighted by two Evo Hall of Famers:  Riley Keckeisen & Andrew Curtis.

The Class of 2019 Boys was Evo’s 1st boys class to play their entire high school travel basketball career with us.  This class is highlighted by Evo Hall of Famer Arlind Zemaj.

To date, the Class of 2019 Girls has the most Evo Hall of Famers with 5!  Haylei Coker, Jasmine Malone, Alison Lynn, Meghan Riha & Zariah Nwanosike.

The Class of 2020 Girls was highlighted by 2 Evo Hall of Famers:  Katie Matrise & Jasani Williams.

One of our most memorable pages, our Off the Court page.  Here are a ton of memories for our Evo Family!  We appreciate all of you, hope you enjoy it!

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